my type of number

For reasons I’m not entirely sure of, I’ve recently started teaching myself to touch-type numbers. By this I mean the numbers above the letters on a standard keyboard, not the 3×3 number pad on the side. I’m fine with touch-typing letters and most punctuation (that isn’t attached to a number button), but I’ve just never gotten around to getting the hang of touch-typing numbers.

I actually first learnt to touch-type in grade five (? it was definitely during primary school, anyway), so this has actually been a long time coming. I’ve probably put it off for so long (intentionally and subconsciously) because I never thought I’d need to type so many numbers in and amongst all the letters I type (mostly work related typing, since I don’t seem to type many numbers here… Except the odd post about numbers, but even those didn’t have many actual digits in them…) Also, I’ve probably just been too lazy to practice.

Anyway, I’d say my number touch-typing has been going ok so far; I just need to get the hang of it a bit more. On a side-note, I think that’s the first time I’ve used a semi-colon in a blog post on this blog (and, yes, that is exactly why this post is being included in the “milestone” category). I’ve always avoided using semi-colons because I never got taught how to use them properly (if I was taught, I don’t remember, or wasn’t paying attention). I’ve taken a sudden interest in this particular punctuation mark because I’ve noticed that John Irving uses them quite a lot in “The World According to Garp”.

Also, I just stumbled upon this very helpful guide to using semi-colons on “The Oatmeal”. I was actually looking at a different article and this happened to be one of those related/suggested links. The site describes semi-colons as being “the most feared punctuation on earth”, which I thought was a very apt description.

So now, in addition to trying to get faster at typing numbers, I’m also going to try to use more semi-colons (when appropriate) …or maybe I won’t. I mean, using semi-colons doesn’t come naturally to me. Well, I suppose if I tried using them more it might come more easily; I just don’t want my writing to start sounding too contrived or whatever.