in another life

In my last post, I mentioned briefly that I’d drafted another post but hadn’t been bothered to refine it yet. I still haven’t really refined it that much, but I don’t like having unpublished posts sitting around. From past experience, I know that if I start a draft and don’t publish it within a reasonable time from when I started it, then it’ll probably get abandoned altogether. So… I’m posting this now.

The following mental excerpt was just something that crossed my mind randomly the other day, and I gradually realised that I could build quite an argument for it. (I could probably build an argument (logical or nonsensical) for just about anything if I was so inclined but that’s beside the point here.)

It occurred to me the other day that, irrespective of whether or not I actually believe in reincarnation, if I have been reincarnated, I must surely have been a dog in my previous life. Here are the reasons why:

  1. I like eating meat – all meat, including offal. I’m particularly partial to liver, which, I hear, dogs consider to be a real treat.
  2. I also like chocolate, onions, garlic, milk, avocado, etc (separately, of course). Ok, I know that dogs aren’t meant to eat any of those things because they’re toxic or something (yeah, I did my research for this post …kind of) but I figured that maybe I like them so much in my current life because I never got to eat them in my previous life, and now I’ve discovered how amazing they are because I can actually eat them. (Yes, that logic totally works…)
  3. I like running and being outside. It’s a rare thing for me to turn down a chance to go for a run. It’s very rare for me to not have enough energy to go for a run. And although there are days when I want nothing more than to stay inside forever, there’s just something really uplifting about being outside, with nothing between myself and the sky and the earth.
  4. I’ve been told that I’m very loyal. In fact, my so-called “mortal enemy” has been known to say that I am “loyal like a dog”. (Not sure how offensive that’s meant to be… But it helps my argument here, so I’ll let it slide.)
  5. And finally: I’m a pack animal – because, let’s face it, as much as I like a bit of solitude and serenity, life is just better with family and friends around.

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