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So I’m now 12 days in to my “100 Happy Days” challenge, and I think I’ve got this figured out. I reckon I’m doing ok with it (it really isn’t that hard to maintain), and I feel like I understand why/how this sort of thing “works” to make people feel better.

What I have noticed is that participating in this challenge has made me spend more time anticipating happiness and recognising happiness. Basically, it just makes me spend more time thinking about happy things. There are days when I kind of know in advance what I’m going to post/tweet for that day (hence the anticipation). Then there are days when it’s getting a bit late in the afternoon/evening and I realise that I haven’t posted anything yet, so I have to reflect and think of something that has made me happy (hence recognising happiness).

And if you have been following my posts/tweets (I’m new to Twitter, so it still feels weird to say I’m “tweeting” stuff…), you may have noticed that the things I choose aren’t really major / life-changing / I’m-going-to-remember-this-forever sort of moments. But I’m actually glad that they’re not. I feel like that reaffirms that happiness can (and should) be an everyday thing.

The main problem I’ve found (if it can be considered a problem… maybe more of an inconvenience) is that I can’t (or don’t think it’s a good idea to) post photos of my workplace. And yet I spend 9+ hours there, every day Monday to Friday, and, believe it or not, there are happy moments from time to time – moments which cannot be properly documented and included in my “100 Happy Days” portfolio. But I’m pretty sure I did warn of this from the outset.

So instead of lovely photos of my workplace and the people I work with and the customers I help, you’re just going to be stuck with random pictures created from this random doodling app that I happened to remember was still on my phone. But, don’t worry, I’m trying to limit these (in the same way that I’m trying to limit tweets about food and blue skies).

Just something kind of random (but still related, mind you!) – I was just thinking about this challenge earlier today, and I started wondering if you did the opposite of what this challenge is asking you to do, and you documented things that made you sad/angry/annoyed, whether that would have the opposite effect and make you miserable. I mean, if the premise of this “100 Happy Days” thing is that you become happier by being more aware of happy things, it only stands to reason that it could work the other way, right?

I’m almost tempted to try it… just out of curiosity. Almost.

Furthermore, what would happen if I tried it at the same time as I was doing “100 Happy Days”? Would the positive and negative effects cancel each other out? Would I just go insane from trying to analyse every little thing that happens every day so that I can document things that make me happy and unhappy? (Actually, since it’s going to be (officially) Winter soon, I reckon if I did do an unhappy version, most of the posts/tweets would just be about how torturous it is to have to get up before sunrise, and drag myself out of my warm bed…)

4 thoughts on “think about it

  1. I love that you are noticing it the small things, not just huge things. I think it actually is the small things that have the biggest impact because they are everyday occurrences. Which makes keeping a positive outlook actually easier to do.

    • Yes, definitely! I feel like I’d prefer to post about small happinesses rather than anything revolutionary. Hopefully that also helps to make this more sustainable…

  2. Awesome..! Even just seeing your happy photos makes me a bit happier after a miserable day… Feel a bit tempted to do this too but it’s kinda hard to find happiness in everyday lol, sounds so sad but yeah… this job… -.-

    • You should definitely try it! If it’s hard to find happiness, you might find yourself creating happiness instead (i.e. consciously doing something for yourself to make yourself happy) and surely that’s not a bad thing~

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