Rove lives!

Ok, I have decided that this is post-worthy, and I am actually going to write a post about this…

There are a number of reasons why I haven’t been watching ‘The Project’ very much recently (mostly because my dad insists on watching ABC News or something, and also because I don’t always leave work on time) but this week I’ve made a point of trying to get home early enough to watch it (except tonight when I had to stay back and do the late shift because the person who was supposed to do it called in sick).

Anyway, all of that isn’t actually the post-worthy part. The post-worthy thing is that Rove has been co-hosting ‘The Project’ this week! But more than that, he’s co-hosting with Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar, so it’s like a ‘Rove Live’ reunion! ‘Rove Live’ was one of my most favourite TV shows through high school. I have fond memories of watching ‘Rove Live’, and trying to quickly do my homework in the ad breaks. And I’d watch right through to the end credits and maybe even catch a bit of ‘Ten Late News’ before bed.

It would be cool if Rove could stay on ‘The Project’ for longer…

It’s been kind of weird not having Charlie Pickering co-hosting anymore. I was lucky enough to catch his final show, the farewell episode (I’d heard about him leaving the show but forgot it was his last day until I actually turned the TV on that night – hence why I consider it “lucky”). I had considered writing a post about it back when he left, but I must have forgotten or decided that I did not have the time/energy to dedicate an entire post to him…

Well, I will say that he was perfect for the show and the show was perfect for him. It’s a real shame that he left because, although the other male co-hosts that have stood in for him when he was on holidays or whatever, and also since he left – although they’re funny and they’ve done a good job of co-hosting, it’s just not quite the same.

And then along comes Rove, and he doesn’t seem to have changed at all… But, not to say anything about his intellect, he just seems more suited to something more light-hearted. I’m probably just too used to thinking of him with respect to ‘Rove Live’. Charlie was good because he seemed to know everything about everything, but he was quick-witted and his jokes were always funny.

One final thought: Maybe, if Channel Ten run out of shows to re-run, they should do ‘Rove Live’ re-runs. I’d totally watch that. Also, ‘Talkin’ about your generation’ – what happened to that?

2 thoughts on “Rove lives!

  1. Actually, funnily enough I can tell you what happened with Talkin’ About Your Generation. Shaun Micallef pulled the plug on it, to cut a long story short. He was bored of it and had other shows he was working on (like that detectivey couple one, and also Mad As Hell on ABC which is now in its 3rd series and is one thing I’m seriously missing now I no longer live in Australia). I guess the producers of TAYG just figured it wouldn’t work with a different host. I half wonder if the team leaders were getting tired of it too.
    It would be interesting to see Rove on telly after all these years. It was so long ago since he was actually on the screens. Pretty sure though he has a lot to do behind the scenes with shows like The Project, as well. 🙂

    • Thanks for filling me in on that one! Yeah, I really don’t think TAYG would be as funny with a different host. For some reason, I never watched ‘Mad as Hell’, which is surprising because it seems like the sort of show I would’ve liked… I did like ‘Mr & Mrs Murder’ though (but it’s been so long, I actually forgot what the show was called and had to Google it)

      I wonder what it’d be like if they got Shaun Micallef to do a bit of hosting on ‘The Project’…

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