mad season

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Matchbox Twenty this last week or so. I must have heard one of their songs somewhere and then I subconsciously decided that I only want to listen to their music. I haven’t even played any solo Rob Thomas songs…

Well, I went to search for their MVs on YouTube, and ended up watching some acoustic performances too. I tend to like original versions better than remixes and covers and whatnot, but there’s just something about acoustic performances/versions of songs that just really work for me.

This is kind of off-topic, but whenever I think of acoustic songs, I always think of Big Bang’s “Haru haru” (Korean song). I do like the original, but I reckon the acoustic version is actually better.

My most favourite MB20 song has always been “Unwell”. It probably still is, but now that I’ve gone back through a lot of their other songs, “Bright lights”, “3am” and “If you’re gone” are now in hot contention for top spot. I do also like “Mad season” but I haven’t been listening to it as much as the aforementioned songs. On my YouTube expedition through their discography, I also found out that “3am” was actually written by Rob Thomas about his mother and her experience with cancer. Just some random trivia for you…

Also, just randomly, I’m trying out this “schedule post” thing, where you can write a post and then have it automatically published at a later time/date. I still consider myself to be relatively new to WP (mostly because I don’t really explore everything I can do here), so I only happened to read about this feature the other day. This could make my post-per-week thing easier. It also kind of feels like cheating, though…

But I’m justifying it (for this time, at least) by the fact that I’ve already posted twice this week – well, it’ll be last week by the time this is published.

Also, just wanted to note that this last week-end, the first week-end of May, was amazingly cold and beautifully sunny. (See also, tweet from Day 3 of my 100 Happy Days challenge. Speaking of which, I think I’ve done alright so far, but I forgot to tag my Day 3 tweet, and ended up having to re-post it after midnight. Yeah, I was tired and couldn’t figure out if there was an “edit tweet” option, so I made the executive decision to – yeah, I don’t know why I’m describing this here… Maybe this new 140 character limitation has back-logged a crazy jumble of words in my mind, just waiting for an outlet…)

Anyway, I still consider May to be part of Autumn (I only mention that because there are people who would disagree) but I feel like this is a good sign that we’re going to have a fantastic Winter! The main downsides are that it gets dark earlier, and also the air is more dry in addition to being colder. As a result of this, it’s a bit more difficult to see where I’m running (because the park lighting doesn’t always turn on at sunset, or at all) and breathing is not as pleasant… But at least I know I won’t be dripping with sweat after just a few hundred metres…

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