challenge accepted

Keen observers will have noticed that I now have a Twitter feed in the sidebar of my blog. Well, I only just put it there now, so you’d have to have been pretty quick to have seen it before I published this post about it…

Anyway… if you have a look at the second tweet, you’ll notice that I only dug up my Twitter account so that I can do the “100 Happy Days” challenge. I actually only knew about this because my mum happened to be watching … that morning show on Channel Ten… that one after “Wake up”… I really can’t think of the name right now for some reason… Well, it’s not important. Point is that I just heard it mentioned on TV one day.

So I had a read of their website, and convinced myself that I could and should do this (I do like a challenge…) Basically, all you have to do is post a picture of something that made you happy that day, every day for 100 consecutive days. It can be private/anonymous or you can post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I could have done this privately, and I did consider it, but I thought that’d make it too easy for me to let it fall by the wayside…

But I don’t use Instagram at all, and although I use Facebook, I rarely post anything there, so they were both out. Then I remembered that I have a Twitter account that I created three or so years ago… and then realised that I can put a Twitter widget on my blog… and, hey presto, here we are!

The website says that 71% of people do not actually complete the full 100 days because they don’t have time or something. That seems like a really high failure rate for something that seems so easy to do.

Well, to be fair, I am a little worried about not making the whole 100 days. What if I forget and accidentally skip a day? Is there a provision to allow for late submission or catch-up posts? Am I allowed to post the same thing more than once? Based on the challenge description, I assume you can, but I’m going to try to make all/most of them different (otherwise you might end up with a whole bunch of tweets about blue skies, running and eating…)

Today being my first day of the challenge (you can nominate any day you like as the start date), I’d also like to add a disclaimer of sorts by saying that I cannot guarantee a photo for every day. I’m usually not big on taking photos of everything, so pulling out my phone and snapping up happy moments doesn’t come naturally to me. And since I don’t intend on changing this, some days may only have text, and some might only have unashamedly amateur drawings instead of actual photos.