I haven’t done a quick, short post in a while, so I’m going to allow it this time, since I’ve been just so unbelievably tired these last few nights that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to recover enough energy to be able to write a decent post by the end of the week.

I would say that there isn’t actually much to report, but it’s kind of the opposite, and that’s probably why I’m so tired…

Didn’t get any sleep-ins on the week-end, and no early nights either. A small sacrifice, I suppose, if it’d even be considered that.

Got flowers on Monday as a thank-you (delivered to my pharmacy). Completely unexpected, but surprisingly very pleasant surprise. Was not something that I did for gratitude. Was just something that friends do.

Work seems to be going steady. Still hoping things will improve. Still many things that could be improved.

Haven’t been reading as much on my commutes, preferring to stare into space and let my mind wander. Sometimes will make myself read anyway to avoid too much wandering. Missed my stop on Monday morning, and had to walk a bit further to a different train station. Good thing I was early anyway.

Going to sleep now because “short and sweet” was the brief, and am not sure >200 words still counts as short… Please note, however, that fragmented sentences are a product of tiredness and laziness, and not an attempt to minimise words.



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