summer withdrawal

So it’s the first week of autumn, and the song that’s been relentlessly playing over and over again in my head is Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness“. Does that mean something? (other than the obvious that the song is catchy)

It still kind of feels like summer, although it is getting cooler at night. But it seems to have stayed quite hot during the day, except for all the recent rain cooling things down (I’m kind of just guessing here, since I’m indoors all day at work, where the air-con is just set to cold).

But there’s more to summer than just heat and humidity. For one, students are all on holidays, which means less traffic and less people on buses and no overcrowded bus stops. It might be just a small part of the day, but it makes me just a bit less irritable on my morning commute if I’m not surrounded by high school and uni students the whole way. Nothing against any of them, really – it’s just that there are so many of them.

Summer is actually probably my least favourite season – mostly because I don’t like the humidity and mosquitos and stuff like that – but, when I think about it, summer is actually pretty good. I mean, when I say that it’s the least favourite, that doesn’t mean that it is not liked at all. This summer was alright: I’ve had very little trouble with mozzies, and weather-wise it’s been ok (didn’t seem to be as many crazy storms and such compared to previous years).

And still there is more. Living in the southern hemisphere, Christmas and New Year’s are both summer holidays. Plus, there’s also Australia Day. I reckon this lovely collection of public holidays makes summer feel like the relaxed season. Summer is the chilled-out one that says “take it easy; enjoy life”.

But, you know what, it’s all ok because it’ll be summer again before the end of the year. Speaking of which, I can’t believe we’re already over two months into 2014!

The days come to us from dreams and hopes, linger for but a moment and opportunity, and then leave again to memories and reminiscences.


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