early mornings and late nights

Wellity, wellity, wellity… It seems that I’ve left my post for this week quite late… But still within the week! (I’m going by a Mon-Sun week, since that’s how the calendar is displayed…)

It’s not that I’ve been putting it off or procrastinating or lacking things to write about. It’s more that I haven’t had the time, have been too tired, or just outright forgot. I wouldn’t intentionally take such a big risk, putting my track record for weekly posts on the line when all manner of things could conspire against my getting something published.

A couple of days ago, I was actually going to post this tribute to 6am:

6am is a beautiful time of the day.

I know, many people would disagree, arguing that it is much too early for anything to appear beautiful unless it is appearing in a dream that you’re dreaming because you’re still peacefully asleep – and there are (many) days that I would agree with this – but today I felt like 6am was perfect.

I had another 7am start at work today, so 6am was actually the time that I left the house. It’s a good time to be out because the only other people who are out at that time are people also going to work, people excercising and people walking their dogs.

But before I could finish this post, I suddenly got incredibly sleepy and decided that I couldn’t possibly still post that. Of course, it’s not entirely the fault of early mornings. Late nights should probably also share the blame. There seems to be a trade-off between late nights and early mornings – you just can’t enjoy both (not consecutively, anyway).

Well, I had also wanted to write about Anh Do’s autobiography ‘The Happiest Refugee’, which I’d actually finished reading last Sunday. As someone who has next to no interest in reading about the lives of real people, the only other biography I’ve ever read was for an English assignment back in high school (and I’m not even sure if I read the whole thing or just read enough to allow me to do the assignment). But this particular one had been recommended by a number of people, and I also like his stand-up comedy, so I thought I’d give it a go (plus, it was only $1 or something from Lifeline).

But if I knew more biographies were like this, I’d probably read more of them. ‘The Happiest Refugee’ was funny, inspiring, entertaining and moving. Reading his book, I just kept thinking “Anh’s such a top bloke – just his attitude and outlook on life and everything”. The world would benefit from having more guys like him, or from more people reading his book (subtle hint right there). But having said that, he doesn’t talk himself up a lot. He still seems like a really humble guy.

Anyway, hopefully this week goes more smoothly and I’ll have the time and energy to post during the week rather than at the end of it. (No guarantees, though.)


2 thoughts on “early mornings and late nights

  1. Can I not agree more! I love late nights (by myself – haha that just sounds depressing for most people but it’s so relaxing) and ever since starting work at 6/6:30 this year I have started to love early mornings too. The mornings are so great and everything feels so fresh. Wish there were less cars around though (even though I’m a culprit).

    I can’t believe you don’t like biographies! I think that genre of books is one of my favourites. I love reading tennis biographies just because I like watching tennis so much. I had read Andre Agassi’s, Pete Sampras’ and just received my Li Na biography.

    • Yes, if only there was a way to survive on only 5-6hrs of sleep per night without having to resort to caffeine and other stimulants….. If I had to choose, though, I might prefer early mornings over late nights (?maybe…) but sleeping earlier means I have to have dinner earlier, which I just don’t see happening as a regular thing…

      And, who knows, maybe this one biography will open me up to reading more biographies (?) I guess I’m not that “into” celebrities, so I don’t really want to read about their lives… I suppose I could try reading biographies of historical figures or other people… or I could just read ones about comedians XD

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