happy campers

Let’s begin with some background: I have never been camping before. One scientist I work with had also never been camping before. Two other scientists I work with love camping, and so they decided that we should all go camping together.

And to sum up the end result: it was awesome.

They also invited outside-of-work friends, so there was seven of us in total, plus another who joined us on Saturday afternoon. By some miraculous coincidence, we’d all been rostered to finish by 4pm on Friday, so we pretty much went straight to the campsite (at Mt Tamborine) from work. And we stayed Friday and Saturday night, and I just got home maybe about two hours ago. (Yes, I prioritised blogging only behind unpacking my stuff and having a shower.)

Anyway, the experienced campers took care of most things, so I suppose I didn’t have to do much in terms of organising. But I did learn things about camping and stuff like putting up tents and starting fires (and cooking over a campfire). It was lovely to sit around a campfire, talking, eating, drinking.

I suppose what was good about the site they chose was that it still had toilets and showers (remember, I haven’t been camping before, so I don’t know how common that is). To be fair, I think I still would’ve survived as long as there was some sort of running water, not necessarily actual amenities, but I guess the presence of these small creature comforts did help ease me into camping.

On Saturday we went on a short hike to a nice secluded little creek/waterfall thing, hung out at camp, drinking/appreciating some wine, and did some star-gazing up the mountain after dinner. What a perfect day. And the weather was perfect. In fact, it was practically perfect the whole week-end, minus the rain overnight on Friday. I did not sleep well that night. But Saturday night was fine.

Today (Sunday) we did the “Tree Top Challenge” or high ropes course thing they have nearby. It was so much fun, but so tiring. I didn’t have my watch with me, but I think we might’ve spent almost four hours there – maybe 3-3.5h if you minus the safety introduction and set up. I can’t remember the last time my arms have been so tired. It was a seriously good workout. Even for someone like me who’s kind of a little afraid of heights, I had so much fun.

And that was my first camping week-end. Even though it was only one week-end, I feel like I’ve had a week-long holiday or something. If I had the opportunity, I’d definitely go again.