thanks guys

(Just a quick post in recognition of some good customer service I received today)

Went to Guzman y Gomez in the City today (my restaurant of choice for fast food) and they gave me a free bowl of corn chips and guacamole to eat while waiting for my burrito because it was “taking too long”, according to the staff. Apparently 10 minutes is “too long” for their standards. I actually hadn’t really noticed (I noticed a little bit – they’re usually pretty quick with orders) but I was grateful all the same.

I’m not sure if this is part of their usual policy or something, but it is nice when businesses, etc do these sorts of things to show that they care about their customers (and not just at a basic, transactional level (is “transactional” even a word?)). And I like sharing these sorts of positive experiences. Give credit where credit’s due.

This reminds me – I’ve been meaning to give a mention to Peel Street Kitchen for their outstanding hospitality. Had dinner there with friends a couple of weeks ago (?) and the staff were all very attentive and friendly and helpful. I think this is the first restaurant I’ve been to where the staff asked how the drinks were. Most places you’d expect the waiter to check that the food is ok, but asking specifically about the drinks is something else.

For the record, drinks and food were all awesome. And I suppose prices were ok too, since we got there in time for cocktail happy hour.

I feel extra obliged to give them a good mention (albeit just to my limited readership) because I was going to vote for them in the “Weekend Edition” Eat/drink awards, but I kept forgetting and missed the deadline by a day or two… Not sure if my one vote would have been that significant, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Well, there’s always next year, I suppose…