tuning in

It feels kind of weird that today is Monday and I just spent the day at home. Don’t worry, I’m not feeling unwell, and I haven’t been made redundant or something. I just have another “holiday”. I was going to go to Sydney but, after the Melbourne trip a few weeks ago, I felt like I’d had enough flying for one year, so scrapped that idea. And since HR politely declined my subtle offer to cancel my annual leave and go to work, I have a week off to spend at home.

The situation is made all the more odd by the fact that most people I know are at work Monday to Friday, or are out of town, it being December and all. (Speaking of which, can you believe it’s December already?) So that means “going out” options are a bit limited, unless I go solo (which I don’t mind now and then but not all the time).

Since there’s really not much to watch on daytime television (apart from “Ready, Steady, Cook”, of course), and I prefer not to have my laptop on during the day (I think this is partially out of habit and partially out of some delusion that that will save a significant amount of electricity), I have started listening to the radio again. Not all day, but if I’m preparing lunch/dinner or doing the dishes, I’ll put the radio on.

And, you know, I’ve realised one of the great things about listening to the radio is that you get to hear songs that you (almost) forgot you loved. I don’t know if some people would think it’s daggy or something but I actually listen to 97.3FM because they play older songs (’80s and ’90s) in addition to more recent ones. And they tend to have good variety (although I do find they have a particular liking for Kelly Clarkson songs – not that I have a problem with that).

Other things that are good about being at home so much is that I get to cook more, I get to eat more, and I get through a lot of CPD quizzes. I can also do a lot more reading. I’m hoping to finish both ‘The Book Thief’ and “Cat’s Cradle” by next week, but we’ll see how I go… There’s a lot to do – can’t be sitting around reading all day!