rainy days

Last day of Spring today, which means first day of Summer tomorrow, which means more and more rain. I think it rained all morning today. It’s stopped now, though.

I pretty much only like rain if I’m indoors while it’s raining or if I don’t have anywhere urgent to be (and provided that I’m not wearing good shoes that could be potentially ruined by rain/mud). Sometimes I’ll go for a walk in the rain for the sole purpose of walking in the rain (with an umbrella, of course).

Was talking to a friend the other day about how rain can be quite calming and soothing. And, yes, I agree with that. As I watched the rain this morning, I had a thought that it would be quite relaxing to go for a drive in the rain – not to anywhere in particular but just around.

What I don’t like about rainy days is that I find them kind of de-motivating. I just don’t feel like doing anything. Can’t go for a run (well, I could if I really wanted to and didn’t mind getting my shoes/socks wet), can’t go cycling, can’t do the laundry (I refuse to use a dryer – not that we have one, anyway). Everything is darker and gloomier.

Well, I suppose it’s not that bad. I still kind of got stuff done today, despite sleeping in late-ish (I was still up by 9am but that’s late for my standards).

I do like how green everything is after a good bit of rain, though. Plants just look more alive. And there’s nothing like rain with a cool breeze to, well, cool everything down. Can’t believe it was 36 degrees yesterday. Well, actually I can because I had an early finish at work yesterday and went outside in the early afternoon.

Rainy days make me feel like wearing bright colours. I like wearing bright colours anyway, but even more so on rainy days. It’s like I feel obliged to help balance out the gloominess.

I suppose that even though I tend to tell people that I don’t like rain – that I may even hate rain – I really don’t mind the odd rainy day.