last minute post

Almost forgot to write a post this week. So close to having my first post-less week in years… Of course, not going to be caught out that easily.

It’s been pretty hectic this last week. Definitely feels that way, anway. Mostly due to preparing for an audit that ended up getting post-poned on the final work day before the intended audit week. Plus, the manager is on holidays (conveniently), and Mum is still on holidays, so more work/chores for me…

Not that I’m complaining.

There’s nothing like a bit of exhaustion to stir up that satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

Speaking of exhaustion, I reckon I’m well overdue for a long distance run. Would like to go running this afternoon, but it’s kind of been pouring rain on and off today. Fortunately, I was still at work when it was really starting to come down, and I’d brought lunch, so I could wait it out without starving. And then it didn’t start raining again until I got home.

This last week, I’ve had 7am starts at work Monday to Friday. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been that bad. I get up a bit after 5am, and the sun’s already up, and everything pretty much looks the same as 6am in wintertime, which was my usual wake-up time. It’s quite nice going in to work early, and I feel very productive in that hour before everyone else starts arriving.

The main downside is that I feel dead tired after work. I pretty much have to go to bed by 10pm, preferably 9:30pm, which is quite early for me. That’s probably why I’ve barely had the chance to even think about writing a post this week.

Might have written one yesterday, but I spent the afternoon helping a friend move house. Well, not so much move house, as take junk from the old house to the tip. I’ve never had to move house before, so I actually don’t know too much about the process, apart from what I’ve seen in the neighbourhood and stuff on TV and whatever. I think it’ll be interesting, the first time I have to move house…