and… I’m back!

Home, sweet home.

There’s not really much to say about my trip to Melbourne, but I’ll go over a few things. I reckon every time I go back there, I notice something different, or I see things in a different way.

On this trip, it rained every single day. It didn’t rain all of the time, nor was it pouring rain (mostly), but it did rain at least a little bit every day that I was there. This is mainly significant because I can’t remember the last time I saw rain in Melbourne. It usually never rains when I’m there. Just all of my bad weather-associated luck coming out at once, or so it would seem.

Not that that mattered a great deal, since I was indoors most of the time – relatives’ houses, shopping centres, restaurants, function venues… Plus, we drove everywhere. I didn’t get the chance to hop on a tram or catch a train (not that those are particularly exciting if you’ve done them before many times). From what I’ve seen of Melbourne, I think it’d be quite hard to live there without a car, unless you’re really lucky and your home and work were both situated on convenient public transport lines.

I reckon it’s mostly that Melbourne’s so big – everything’s so far away from everything else. There were some days when it felt like we spent half the day just driving. Don’t even want to consider how long it would’ve taken by public transport. I probably did more driving in that one week than I’ve done all year in Brisbane.

As usual, it was cold in Melbourne, even though it’s almost summertime. I think the weather reports kept saying it was colder than usual for this time of the year (?). Still a bearable cold, though. I’ve just come to expect Melbourne to be at least a little bit cold regardless of what time of the year it is. I was quite amused at all of the beach/swimwear shops around the shopping centres. Don’t suppose locals have much use of their wares. Although, I suppose most of their holiday destinations would include beaches and warmer days…

So, the big question: which book did I take? [drum-roll…] “The Book Thief” (Markus Zusak)

I was already about halfway into the book, so it just seemed to make sense to take it. I still haven’t finished it, though – didn’t get that much time for reading. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I even had a dream one night that a friend was telling me what a great book it is, and I told them that I knew because I was reading it.