come fly with me

So after a year (give or take a week or two) without taking any annual leave, I’m finally on holidays again. It’s a bit of a weird feeling, the prospect of not having to go to work tomorrow, or any day for the next week and a half. Yeah, I could take a longer holiday, but didn’t really feel like it. Besides, didn’t want to overwhelm myself with time off – I might never manage to bring myself back to work. (Who am I kidding! It wouldn’t be that hard for me.)

Well, anyway, it’ll be nice to not have to think about work and related issues (granted, I’ll probably end up thinking about work anyway – for the first few days at least). Just going to be visiting relatives and catching up on reading and stuff like that. Nothing too exciting, so don’t expect a special holiday post or something. Having said that, I’m doubting that I’ll have time for another post until late next week (although I don’t think anyone is really keeping track).

I have yet to pack, but I already know the hardest decision I’ll face will be which book to take with me. Do I take the novel I’m currently reading (or one of the books I’m currently reading, to be precise) and am about halfway through, or do I take the new one that I just borrowed from the library a few days ago, which is significantly smaller and hence easier to take with me?

At first, I thought it was simple – take the smaller book for practical reasons. But I don’t want to leave the first book untouched for a whole week, so now I’m thinking I might actually take that one instead and just make sure I have room for it. (NB: I’m only taking carry-on baggage, so space is kind of at a premium.)

Either way, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Who knows, maybe I’ll sacrifice something else so that I can take both books.


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