this is not a game

It’s been a bit of a weird week for me… Lots of random stuff happening… Leaving work late on most nights because random stuff gets more random at the end of the day (??)


I’ve got a 7am start on Monday morning, so you can bet I’m going to make the most of my week-end sleep-ins.

Don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ve started reading ‘The Angel’s Game’ (Carlos Ruiz Zafon). It’s alright so far. Some part of my mind finds it weird to be reading a book that’s been translated into English from another language (Spanish, in this case) and keeps reminding me of that fact so that I’m finding it hard to enjoy the novel completely. It’s as if that part of my mind is constantly worrying that some part of the meaning or beauty of the story has been lost in translation.

Well, I’m not that far in to the book at the moment (still concurrently reading ‘The Life of Pi’) but I suppose that the translation must be ok (not that I can really judge it without reading the original Spanish version – after first learning Spanish, of course).

I’m reading the one translated by Lucia Graves, by the way, for those of you playing along at home. Not sure how many other translations by how many other people there are, but you know for sure which translation I’m reading now.

I think I had a bad experience once with a translated text (I think it was ‘The Odyssey’…?) because it just seemed rather boring, so I naturally just blamed it on the poor translation (but, again, I can’t really judge that without having read the original).

Yeah… I’m just going to go to bed before I start rambling.


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