halfway there

On one of my random Youtube trails the other night, I came across the song “Love somebody” by Maroon 5, which I could easily listen to on repeat endlessly (ok, probably not endlessly, but you get the idea). I have been meaning to blog about it for a while now (because I like to share and promote the songs, books, shows, etc that I like) but it’s always either slipped my mind or I keep putting it off in favour of something else.

So tonight, since I managed to leave work more or less on time and it’s been a good Tuesday (as far as Tuesdays go) and I just feel like writing stuff – tonight I’m finally going to publish a post for this song.

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about the same sort of stuff too much (which is why I added that “search” thing in the side menu – I wouldn’t think that normal people would try to search my blog for specific topics) so before writing this, I did a search of my blog for previous mentions of Maroon 5 (because they’re actually one of my most favourite bands). I was quite surprised to find that I’d only mentioned them (ever so briefly) in one post in my 300+ posts.

Well, ok, considering that I’d only recently wrote about my most-favourite-song-ever, this probably shouldn’t be that surprising for me…

I should say, also, that although they’re one of my most favourite bands, I don’t really know much about them apart from their music. I tend to judge each song (of any artist) on its own merits and if a song has a big enough impact, or if I like enough songs by the same artist, I then decide I have a liking toward the artist.

Anyway… I’ve yet to come across a Maroon 5 song that I dislike. There have been one or two that were sort of “meh…” but nothing worse than that.

I also really want to mention the song “Next to me” by Emeli Sandé. Some sound or phrase or something reminded me of this song the other day, and I remembered how I had wanted to post about it, too, but never got around to it – until now! If you haven’t already, you should go and search for either or both of these songs!