palindrome day and random realisations

Can you believe it? The end of July already… The year will be gone before we know it.

Since today is one of a handful of palindrome days this year, I thought I’d write a post of random realisations to go with the realisation that it’s a palindrome day. (Yes, maybe too much work and not enough sleep have drowned my blogging creativity, so I’ve resorted to random post topics.)

Firstly, I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t get enough sleep, and should probably sleep earlier than I do, considering what times I get up in the morning for work. In fact, I should probably already be in bed and asleep right now, except that I also seem to have developed some sort of blogger paranoia whereby I’m worried about breaking this post-per-week thing even after maintaining it for so long (or especially because I’ve maintained it for so long).

I’ve also randomly realised that I’ve never bought food from a vending machine before. Not such a major thing, but I had this realisation when I walked past the vending machine at the train station – the same machine I must’ve walked past hundreds of times (not to mention the vending machines at countless other places that I’ve walked past). Such commonplace things don’t even get a first thought, let alone a second thought.

Lastly, I have realised that, while the taste is ok, I really don’t like the smell of coconut. Recently, when I was waiting for my bus (or perhaps I was waiting for my train – can’t quite remember which), a girl walked past me, smelling of coconut (probably her shampoo or something) and I almost gagged. (That might be exaggerating a little bit, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant at any rate.)

Anyway, happy palindrome day!


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