answer me this

Just a few more random questions to add since my previous post of random questions

Braille on signs
Who decided that it was a good idea to put braille on signs? I once saw a sign in the middle of a garden bed with braille on it, and it just left me wondering how a blind or vision-impaired person was expected to not only know there’s a sign with braille on it in the middle of a garden bed, but to also then proceed to walk over all the plants to get to the sign and read it… It just doesn’t make sense!

Motion sickness in animals
Do animals experience motion sickness? More specifically, can cattle experience motion sickness? The other day, while I was waiting for my train, a very long cattle train went past the station. I noticed that all the cows were standing sideways and quite close together. I bet it would’ve been a long journey, too. Anyway, it made me wonder if they ever get motion sickness and, like, throw up or something.

Evolutionary oversight
If insects or, more specifically, cockroaches have been on Earth for millions of years, why haven’t they evolved to be able to roll off their backs? I have seen those annoying little beetle-type things that sort of snap/pop into the air to try to flip themselves the right way up again (no idea what they’re called, but they’re super annoying and weird) but other than that, no bug seems to have developed a sure-fire way of making sure they don’t die after being flipped upside-down.


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