Superman vs the (fictional) world

So… there’s a new Superman movie coming out soon (? I don’t actually know when it’s being released (or if it’s actually already been released) but I’ve been seeing quite a few ads and promos and interviews on TV lately) and there’s a bit of hype about how Superman is sort of the ultimate superhero who cannot be defeated.

And, I suppose, when you think about it, Superman probably can take on just about any other comic book sort of superhero and come out better off. But this got me thinking… What about other fictional characters? Movies, TV, books, etc have plenty of seemingly invincible characters.

Take, for instance, a Saiyan (Dragonball). Who would win if it was Superman vs Super Saiyan? Both have extraordinary strength and speed – surely it’d be a close battle. And what if Saiyans didn’t come to Earth (hypothetically) – would Superman have been able to defend Earth from the likes of Frieza, Cell, Buu or the Androids?

What about Voldemort (Harry Potter)? Would Superman be able to do anything against the three “unforgivable curses”? Would Superman have been any use at all to Harry Potter or the Order of the Phoenix?

Well, I’m inclined to think that a Super Saiyan would win in the end because that’s just how it works out in my mind (keep in mind, though, that I’m certainly no expert on Superman, so maybe he could still win if such a match ever did eventuate).

As for Voldemort, I suppose that’s a bit more complicated, since there’s that whole deal with the horcruxes and Voldie’s connection with Harry (and maybe some other stuff – I forget). Magic would probably trump super-powers, though, right?

Just so that no one takes this post the wrong way – I’m not trying to discredit Superman or anything like that. Realistically, these match-ups would never occur, anyway. I mean, they’re all fictional characters in separate fictional stories.

Anyway, back to the movie: it looks pretty good. Maybe I’ll go and watch it to gather info to help settle the Superman vs Super Saiyan debate.