to the circus

I finally finished reading ‘The Night Circus’ (Erin Morgenstern) this morning and, I must say, it was actually pretty good. I bought it using a gift card I’d received for my birthday last year because (1) I liked the cover (yes, I judge books by their covers), (2) there was a recommendation by Audrey Niffenegger on the cover (author of ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’, which is one of my most favourite books) and (3) I was intrigued enough after reading the first couple of pages.

It’s not an incredibly lengthy novel, but I suppose it took me a long time to read because I haven’t been reading very often, so I’d have to keep going back and re-reading parts. The way the book is written is also kind of complex – there are all these interweaving stories. One chapter will be narrating events of a particular lot of characters in one time, and the next chapter is about different characters, maybe a year ago or a few years ahead or whatever. But everything came together in the end.

In a way, I’d say the ending was kind of inevitable. I wouldn’t say it was predictable because I don’t tend to think ahead and try to figure out the ending of books, movies, etc – I prefer to just go along with the story and let it all unfold in due course. It was a satisfying ending, though.

The thing I found stood out the most about ‘The Night Circus’ was that Morgenstern was very descriptive with a lot of things. But I suppose the book being what it is, you need lots of descriptions. To be perfectly honest, though, it put me off a little bit at the start because the descriptive language felt a bit excessive, but as I got into it, it all just seemed natural. It really got me into the magic of the circus.

Overall, it’s definitely a novel that I’d recommend to others, particularly those who like fantasy or just want to read something a bit different. Reading ‘The Night Circus’ was kind of like walking through a maze (or labyrinth, if you want a novel-appropriate reference) but instead of making your way directly from point A to point B, every now and then you get teleported to a different corner or a different section of the maze – still heading to the same destination but with different discoveries along the way.