fifty things

So, recently-ish I heard about this … thing that people are doing (not quite sure what to call it… a movement? I suppose it’s part of the “minimalist movement”) whereby they live with 50 or fewer possessions. I’d read about it in an article somewhere a while ago, but it’s kind of stuck in my mind and I think about it now and then.

Apparently it started with this person, although there are plenty of other people who have taken it up, too.

I think the concept is great, but I’m not sure I could do it… Theoretically, I probably could, but it’ll be a very long process to get my possessions down to 50 – not because I have a lot of stuff, but because I’m kind of sentimental and have a hard time getting rid of stuff with any sentimental value.

Also, I reckon I suffer a bit of “just in case syndrome“. However, I have been trying to rectify this, and haven’t really bought any “just in case” items recently except work shoes. Also, a few years ago (?) when Oprah was still doing her show, I watched one of the shows she did about hoarding, and the advice given was to not keep anything you hadn’t used in the last 12 months. This really helped me to let go of old notebooks and whatnot (despite my sentimental attachment).

On the other hand, this might be not-too-hard for me, since I don’t really go shopping much (no time or too lazy) and don’t tend to splurge or go on spending sprees. Also, I don’t like clutter and disorganisation, so maybe this will work out ok.

Since I have a pretty free week-end coming up, I figure it’s a good opportunity to have a good look at what I have and figure out what I can get rid of. It’s time to get a little bit more ruthless.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything changes in terms of how I live, my mentality, my view of consumerism, etc, etc.


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