music-induced energy drain

Lately I’ve been asking people of their opinions on what I’ve decided to call a “music-induced energy drain”. This is the phenomenon whereby you feel like your energy is being drained by having a particular song stuck in your head.

The energy drain may be related to (1) the song being very fast/up-beat and hence being hard to keep up with but you can’t get rid of the song, (2) not being able to get the lyrics right in your mind and therefore having to concentrate to correct the constant replay, and/or (3) the song just being so darned annoying that it takes everything you’ve got just to get rid of it (or just to hang on to your sanity).

It could also just be pure attrition – the song whittling away at one’s patience.

So far, it seems kind of 50-50 in terms of people who have and have not experienced this sort of music-induced energy drain. Funnily enough, people tend to react at the extremes of “Yes! absolutely agree” or “What? Are you crazy?”. I suppose there isn’t really a middle ground for this… maybe…

Well, since I’m writing about this stuff, I may as well mention a couple of the most recent worst offending songs for me…

It feels like I’ve had ‘Mirrors’ (Justin Timberlake) constantly playing in my head this last week. Don’t get me wrong – I still think the song is great and I actually quite like it (except maybe the last three or so  minutes of the full version, which seems a little bit pointless) but having that song in my head for so long just makes me feel tired.

Before ‘Mirrors’, it was ‘Just give me a reason’ (Pink ft Nate Ruess). I liked this song the very first time I heard it, and I still do, but sometimes I just felt like I was too tired to be carrying this song in my mind, but I just couldn’t shake it either.

The strange thing is that once I started talking to people about having ‘Mirrors’ stuck in my head, it kind of went away… and was replaced by ‘Just give me a reason’…


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