guilt trip

A couple of weeks ago or so, I was reading a mini-interview thing in ‘Q-weekend’, which features a different celebrity each week and asks the same set of questions. This kind of gave me an idea for possible future blog posts (have to find inspiration where I can in order to keep up this one-post-per-week thing) where I could write an extended answer to each of the questions.

This idea seemed ok, but I kept forgetting about it when and/or having other stuff to write about. But one of the questions is about guilty pleasures, so I was reminded of it by a recent episode of ‘Glee’ (I think it’s airing on Channel Ten this Tuesday) that’s themed “guilty pleasures”. Ironically, ‘Glee’ is probably one of my guilty pleasures (or maybe not, since I don’t really feel guilty about it).

Based on previous posts, you’d probably say that watching cartoons is a guilty pleasure of mine, too. But, again, not so much guilt attached. Ok, maybe a little.

Following up on last week’s post, I have now finished season two of ‘Detentionaire’. A satisfactory ending, but now I have to wait for the next season to be released (or made? I don’t really know where this is up to). Kind of intrigued to know how things will play out after the little twist at the very end of the last episode…

Sorry, I realise that if you haven’t watched it, this might be kind of boring/irrelevant. But I’d totally recommend it to … people who like cartoons (?)

My real guilty pleasure is probably chocolate and sweets and cake and stuff like that. Definitely some degree of guilt attached, but so irresistible sometimes! But sometimes I have pretty good self-control. Well, you know what they say… life is short, you only live once, etc etc