knock knock

I’ve recently (ok, maybe not that recently but, like, since this year or maybe late last year), really gotten into a cartoon called ‘Detentionaire’. I remember seeing the ads on TV when ABC3 first started showing it, and thinking that it was such a strange idea. It’s one of those storylines that have to end sooner or later.

For those of you who have never seen or even heard of the show, it’s basically about this guy who got framed for the biggest high school prank ever, and then he got put in detention for a year (for something he didn’t do). So, right from the start, you kind of know that one day he’s going to figure out who framed him – it’s just a matter of time, right?

I can’t really watch TV regularly these days because of work and stuff, so I never really followed it properly. However, I did watch a few episodes here and there, mostly on week-end mornings, and I thought it was actually alright – the characters, the animation, the plot development. It’s actually kind of original (based on my scope of cartoons). So then I started watching it online, since trying to watch it on TV meant that I never knew exactly where the story was up to.

Supposedly (i.e. I read somewhere) there’s supposed to be something like 53 episodes altogether, but I’m only up to episode twenty-something, which means many more hours of viewing pleasure before the truth comes out (assuming there is going to be a resolution at the end of all this).

I know some people like to download all episodes of a show and then watch it all marathon-style over a few days (or less, depending on the level of dedication), but I can’t really do that. I’m more like one of those people who prefer to watch just one episode (or two) at a time, so you have time to mull over everything before watching the next one. It’s the same with books and movies and stuff like that.

Anyway, I’d recommend ‘Detentionaire’ if you’re looking for an action-ish/drama-ish cartoon. It’s got some funny moments, too. I think ‘Detentionaire’ is actually Canadian (the main character, Lee Ping is supposed to be Korean-Canadian or something), which reaffirms my belief that Canadians are really good at producing cartoons (cartoons like ‘Stoked’ and ‘Total Drama’ are also Canadian). Kudos to you, Canadian cartoon producers!