technically terrible Tuesday

I have come to the realisation that Tuesday is probably my least favourite day of the week. It’s not that I dislike Tuesdays – I just don’t like it as much as the other days of the week.

Saturday and Sunday are fine because it’s the week-end. I sometimes have to work on the week-end, but that’s just now and then. Fridays are good because it’s the last day of the work-week. Thursdays are ok because most of the work-week is behind me and “tomorrow” is Friday (light at the end of the tunnel).

Wednesdays, I find, are generally ok because it’s the middle of the week – hump day. Generally, things will be running reasonably smoothly, and I’m well and truly out of that relaxed week-end mindset – back in the groove, so to speak.

Now, you’d think Mondays would be the least favourite day – and for many people this is probably true – but I don’t actually mind Mondays. I suppose it helps that I like my job and where I work and the people I work with. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I suppose.)

And what about Tuesdays? Well, it’s all in relation to time. I’ve found that on most/many Tuesdays, when I’m on my way to work or when I’m at work, I get this sort of mini-revelation that it’s only Tuesday??

You see, Mondays are generally busy because… they just are… Everyone else is fresh from the week-end and decide that they’ll get stuff done on Monday. This makes this first day of the work-week feel incredibly long, like the equivalent of two days, especially if there’s a lot of mental fog from the week-end. Hence, when I wake up on Tuesday morning, satisfactorily tired from a good day’s work the day before, I tend to be a little bit disbelieving of the fact that it’s only Tuesday, and there are hence still four more days before the week-end.

Having said that, though, I still do like Tuesdays. It’s just that one revelation that sets it apart.

Something else that I’ve realised recently is that (I think that) I’ve been using the words “terrible” and “technically” a lot lately. I also reckon I overuse the phrase “sounds good” to the extent that other people may have started using it more frequently as well. Sometimes I can be quite conscious of word/phrase-overuse.

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