catching up

This last week at work has been so tiring. Have been super busy, plus did late/closing shifts Monday through to Thursday, so even though it was only a four-day work week, thanks to the Easter long week-end, it felt like it was closer to a six-day work week.

Oh, plus I have to work on Sunday… but at least it’s only half a day and I still get a two-day break before then. Still, going to be pissed off if it’s flat-out on Sunday.

I’ve been taking one of the mutlivitamins I got from the APP Trade Exhibition this week, but not sure if it’s really making a difference, since I ended up feeling really tired at the end of each day anyway.

First day of the Easter long week-end, and I’ve already over-indulged enough for the week… But at least I’ve kind of recovered from work-exhaustion and will hopefully have enough energy for guilt exercise tomorrow.

Catching up on sleep is good, too. I’ll go and do that.

free stuff – enough said

So today I went to the APP trade exhibition. It was my first time going, but I’d heard plenty of stories about all the free stuff. However, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, since some people thought the give-aways were getting less and less good/generous. All I really wanted was a few pens and maybe some post-it notes that I could use at work.

Cutting to the chase… I was not disappointed. In total I got six pens (not bad I guess…?) – one of which I got by trading a mini battery-operated fan for it because I figured I’d never use the fan – and a bunch of post-it notes. Mission accomplished.

But, of course, I didn’t stop there. You can’t with these sorts of things. Among the other random free stuff I got were: sunscreen, a backpack (one thing off my “to buy” list), lip balm (another thing off the “to buy” list), several bottles of multivitamins, haven’t-even-bothered-to-count-how-many protein/weight-loss bars, a toothbrush, influenza vaccine (administered on site), stress-apple (like a stress-ball, but in the shape of an apple), and an actual apple, which I am enjoying now.

Also consumed plenty of samples while there, so we didn’t really have lunch. Good to know all those protein bars and weight loss products really do keep you full / prevent you from feeling hungry (although I think eating so many different food replacement things in a short space of time kind of unsettled/confused my stomach). Also interesting to note is that Swisse Chlorophyll tastes exactly like Vietnamese mint.

Aside from all this free stuff, I did actually learn a bit about the products and services and whatnot. But I suppose that still counts as “free stuff” since all the information was free… There were also free cookies and coffee 🙂

The drive on the way back was terrible, though. Apart from the slow traffic out of the Gold Coast, it was pouring rain most of the time – most (?) of which was bucketing down perpendicular to the windshield so that it was impossible for the windscreen wipers to keep up – and I think it hailed for a little bit at one point. Not to mention the constant lightning (although not much thunder to follow). Probably the worst weather conditions I’ve seen whilst in a car.

chores I don’t mind doing

Had a random conversation about chores… so I figured I’d write a post about the chores that I don’t mind doing…

Although it was great when my workplace had a uniform that didn’t require ironing, I actually don’t mind having to iron the new uniform (plus the updated uniform looks much better). I’ve talked to a few friends at work about this, and it seems I’m not alone in this. Others reckon ironing is good because it’s one of those chores of finality, and gives you that sense of achievement because it’s the last step in the whole laundry process.

Raking leaves
I like gardening in general (unless it’s super sunny and/or hot outside). Sure, I don’t do much gardening but I’m still allowed to like it. My parents aren’t that fussed about having the lawn clear of leaves, but if they wanted it done, I’d gladly put my hand up for the job. Possible reasons why I don’t mind this “chore”: I like being outdoors, it’s a task with moderate exertion, I like autumn.

Pruning/trimming trees
Similar reasons as for raking leaves (and maybe for ironing as well – in the sense that you can see the outcomes). If you’ve seen how out of control the trees in my backyard can get, you’d understand why this “chore” can be quite satisfying.

I don’t do nearly as much cooking as I’d like to, but when I do, it’s quite fun. Sometimes I’ll settle for just helping with chopping stuff up and other prep. Someone (perhaps Marco Pierre White on ‘Masterchef: The Professionals’) once said that cooking is therapeutic, which I suppose is right in a way.

Occasionally in Oncology, I’ll do the sweeping just to help out a bit more. The facility’s always clean, though, so it sometimes feels more like I’m just brushing the floor than actually sweeping anything… But I don’t mind sweeping, in general, whether it feels worthwhile or not. I don’t really like mopping, though. I’ve realised that I don’t really like any chores that involve a lot of water…

ride vs run

The strange thing that I’ve noticed since I got a bike and started bike riding more is that I’ve started to crave running.

Actually, I’m always itching to go for a run, but for some reason, cycling around and seeing all these people out running seems to accentuate that desire to go running too.

I mean, I really like my new bike and I really like bike riding, but I suppose because I’ve been so focussed on it lately, I haven’t been running in a long time (or feels like a long time, anyway). And then seeing other people running reminds me of how awesome it feels to go for a massive long run and push yourself until you’re so incredibly exhausted that you don’t know how you’re going to get out of bed the next day.

Ok, to be fair, you can do that with cycling (or just about any other sport, too, I guess) but there’s something about running where it’s all you. You can’t just cruise along/downhill and let gravity and momentum do all the work – every metre you progress is entirely from your own efforts.

Also, since I’m probably a long way off learning to ride with no hands, posture is different, too. I think I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that I reckon running kind of forces me to have good posture, and it’s kind of … empowering in a way. Actually, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere once upon a time that posture influences mood i.e. standing straight/tall helps people feel confident and not depressed.

Well, since I’m not working this week-end, perhaps I can find time to go for a ride and a run… Just have to be careful to leave some energy and muscle capacity for work on Monday.

Since I’m filing this post under the “Sport” category, I thought I may as well mention that I went to see the Broncos vs Manly game at Suncorp Stadium last Friday night. Yes, it was a very disappointing start to the season, especially because the Broncos were leading at half-time and then made so many errors in the second half and completely gave the game away, but it was a fun night overall.

technically terrible Tuesday

I have come to the realisation that Tuesday is probably my least favourite day of the week. It’s not that I dislike Tuesdays – I just don’t like it as much as the other days of the week.

Saturday and Sunday are fine because it’s the week-end. I sometimes have to work on the week-end, but that’s just now and then. Fridays are good because it’s the last day of the work-week. Thursdays are ok because most of the work-week is behind me and “tomorrow” is Friday (light at the end of the tunnel).

Wednesdays, I find, are generally ok because it’s the middle of the week – hump day. Generally, things will be running reasonably smoothly, and I’m well and truly out of that relaxed week-end mindset – back in the groove, so to speak.

Now, you’d think Mondays would be the least favourite day – and for many people this is probably true – but I don’t actually mind Mondays. I suppose it helps that I like my job and where I work and the people I work with. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I suppose.)

And what about Tuesdays? Well, it’s all in relation to time. I’ve found that on most/many Tuesdays, when I’m on my way to work or when I’m at work, I get this sort of mini-revelation that it’s only Tuesday??

You see, Mondays are generally busy because… they just are… Everyone else is fresh from the week-end and decide that they’ll get stuff done on Monday. This makes this first day of the work-week feel incredibly long, like the equivalent of two days, especially if there’s a lot of mental fog from the week-end. Hence, when I wake up on Tuesday morning, satisfactorily tired from a good day’s work the day before, I tend to be a little bit disbelieving of the fact that it’s only Tuesday, and there are hence still four more days before the week-end.

Having said that, though, I still do like Tuesdays. It’s just that one revelation that sets it apart.

Something else that I’ve realised recently is that (I think that) I’ve been using the words “terrible” and “technically” a lot lately. I also reckon I overuse the phrase “sounds good” to the extent that other people may have started using it more frequently as well. Sometimes I can be quite conscious of word/phrase-overuse.

have I mentioned that I hate rainy week-ends?

It has been raining non-stop today. I was going to go for a bike ride if it wasn’t raining… and then my back-up plan was to go for a run if it wasn’t raining that much… But, no such luck, so I just settled with going for a walk instead.

There’s a creek near my place that runs through a few parks and floods them whenever it rains enough, so I thought I’d wander over that way and check out the flooding. To be honest, I hadn’t expected it to be quite as flooded as it was, so I didn’t bring anything to take photos with (i.e. my phone), which is kind of a shame because my closest park was probably as flooded as I’d ever seen it.

I’m not too good at estimating distances, but I guess the water had gone 30+ metres from its banks, completely submerging the footpath that runs kind of parallel to it. I vaguely recall one time a few years back when I was coming home from uni/work and I’d just gotten off the bus and was walking down the hill to this footpath… only to realise that it was several centimetres under water.

Well, you’d think that this miserable weather would keep everyone indoors, holed up in front of their various technological devices, but, no, there were plenty of people out and about. I think most of them were kind of like me in the sense that they wanted to check out the flooding and/or they wanted to go for a walk. (Some of these people, however, didn’t have rain coats or umbrellas, even though it definitely would have been raining when they left their homes. It is something that totally perplexes me. Do these people just not own umbrellas? Do they want to get drenched in rain?)

There were quite a few people who just drove to the park and sat in the dryness of their cars to observe the rushing waters of the creek. (It might seem silly for them to be scared of a little rain, but at least they make more sense than the umbrella-less people.) And there were also quite a few people out walking their dogs. That’s good dedication.

I also saw many worms washed up on footpaths. Being considerate even of worms, I thought I’d try to move them off the footpath and onto some dirt so that they didn’t get stepped on or washed away and drowned (not sure if worms can actually drown, though…) or plucked away by a bird or left to bake and be eaten by ants once the sun came out (assuming the sun actually does return sometime in the near future).

Alas, the worms were not very receptive of my efforts. Most of them have (surprisingly) big reactions to even being touched and spasm away and try to escape. I never knew worms were so defensive(?), but I suppose even a worm knows when it needs to fight for survival (although technically I was trying to help it).

So I quickly gave up on rescuing the worms in the park, but there were plenty of worms around my back yard that were slightly more receptive to being air-lifted to safer ground (i.e. into pot plants). I have quite possibly saved about five lives this afternoon.