first epic bike ride

Before today, I’ve mostly just been riding my bike around the local area, not too far from home (keep in mind I’ve only had my bike for a bit over three weeks), so I was pretty stoked about venturing further out today.

Went from home to Bulimba, caught a ferry to South Bank; rode around South Bank and across the Goodwill Bridge to the Botanic Gardens and back; then from South Bank all the way back home. Of course this wasn’t all in one hit. We had a break for lunch at Bulimba (technically an extended break, including ferry ride), and then break in the City for slushies and watermelon, and another break at South Bank just for chilling…

Would’ve been good if it wasn’t so hot today (although very glad and grateful that it wasn’t raining or whatever) but I had so much fun anyway. (Totally lathered on the sunscreen, too)

AZ estimates it was about 20km all up, which sounds pretty good to me. But I just had a look on Google Maps (good ol’ Google) and realised that that is pretty much the equivalent of going from the City all the way out to Springwood/Slacks Creek (well, it’s the distance going along the Pacific Motorway, anyway), which is essentially like riding through half of Brisbane. Suddenly, 20km just got more impressive.

But even with all the breaks and whatnot, I still felt super tired after getting home again. Can’t remember the last time I was so physically exhausted and actually dripping with sweat. One of the best feelings, though – physical exhaustion – and I think many sporting/exercise enthusiasts will concur. Another great feeling is having a cold shower after so much exertion!

While I’m writing about today, I may as well give a mention to Cafe Citrus, the place we had lunch at. The service seemed pretty good – reasonably prompt with water, food, bill. I just had the chicken parmigiana, but it was quite possibly the best parmigiana I’ve ever had. Chicken cooked well, plenty of cheese and spinach, too (don’t think too many places do parmigiana with spinach…?), chips were good (golden on the outside, soft in the middle), and the salad was sufficiently dressed without any massive leaves (which are quite annoying to eat when you only have a knife and fork).

Having said this, I’m not sure if it was a total fluke, since, out of curiosity, I checked their page on Urban Spoon and was kind of surprised to see that they’ve been getting mostly really, really bad reviews. Maybe they’ve changed management or something in the last month…..? Or maybe it just tasted better because I was hungry (well, not hungry per se, but definitely in need of more fuel).

Whatever. Back to the ride: can’t wait to go bike riding again. Really feel a sense of accomplishment. Next on the to-do list is to get a light for my bike so I can go riding at night. Also still need to do that trial ride to work, and need to keep building up my fitness.