7am is the new 9am

Yawn… My week of 7am starts is almost over~!

Starting work early hasn’t been so bad. It’s nice to get in before everyone else, when the place is still quiet and peaceful. It’s also good to start early because if you’re late, no one knows about it – unless you’re super late, or someone else comes in super early – not that I’ve been taking advantage of this, but if I wanted to, I probably could.

Getting to work by 7am means I get the 6:20 or 6:30am bus. Surprisingly, there are still usually quite a lot of people on the buses at these times, although significantly less packed than, say, the post-7:20am buses.

It’s kind of weird how, back in high school, I thought that having to be somewhere by 8am was crazy (high school started at 9:15am for me)… And then going to uni, 8am starts became normal, but also the absolute earliest start time… And now that I’m working full-time, 7am starts don’t really bother me.

Well, I suppose the main issue is that I have to go to bed earlier to make up for getting up earlier, and I am really not used to going to sleep before 10pm. Speaking of which, I should probably go and sleep now…