level up

So, as it turned out, I didn’t have to work on Saturday. My shift got swapped to this Saturday instead – and thank goodness for that! Seriously, after Friday’s 11 hour day (7am-6pm), there was no way I could’ve survived a nine-hour Saturday. Actually, I probably could have, but I would’ve just been dead tired on Sunday.

But, you know, although I was sore when I woke up on Saturday morning (and still kind of sore on Sunday morning), I felt fine after getting up and going about my day. Too much rest can be a bad thing!

Even so, I told myself not to overdo it with exercise because I’m supposed to be recovering from the week that was in preparation for the week to come. And, even so, I quite possibly overdid it anyway… Not completely intentionally, though. My mum dragged me to go grocery shopping with her – possibly so that she could buy more and I could carry the heavy stuff, which was what I ended up doing, so now my arms are sore. After we got home and I’d cooled down and rested a bit, I decided to go for a bike ride.

Actually, to be fair, I was pretty much set on going for a bike ride since the previous weekend, when I didn’t really get to ride at all. So, anyway, I went exploring the local bike paths for about an hour, and decided to finish off the ride by going up a sizeable hill and around the block instead of taking the easy route back, so now my legs are a bit sore (but not so bad, I guess, since they seem to recover more quickly).

Well, I can tell that this is going to be a fun week (not entirely sure if I intend for there to be sarcasm in that or not). Either way, I suppose it’s better to be tired from doing too much than doing too little.


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