new bike! (…finally)

So, after years of thinking about it, and months (?) of talking about it, I (finally) got a new bicycle yesterday.

The only downside is that I’m kind of too busy this week-end to take it for a proper spin… And I’d like to do a trial run before actually riding it to work on a work day.

The actual purchasing process was pretty interesting, though. I never realised that buying a bike was so involved and complex. There’s, like, a whole science behind cycling. (Yeah, ok, there’s probably a whole lot of science in every sport, but I never realised the extent of it until I actually went to look at bikes and talked to the people at the bike shop.)

Anyway, they do what is called a “bike fit” and measure you up (torso, leg and arm lengths and overall height and maybe something else that I forgot) to make sure that the bike fits you in every way, etc. Then they went through all the general stuff like gears, maintenance and whatnot. And somewhere in amongst all of that, they talked about servicing and tuning and how it’s supposed to be done every three months or something…

Well, anyway, there’s a whole users’ manual that came with the bike, so I suppose I’ll read through that some time while I’m waiting for next week-end when I’ll hopefully have more time to actually ride by new bike.

And in case you are wondering, the plan (at this stage) is not to cycle to work every day, but maybe just on one or two days per week. I’ll just see how it goes…

In other news… You know it’s been a busy week at work when the manager(s) come in to work on a Saturday (when it’s usually just one pharmacist + assistant) to finish off whatever it is that they need to do. Today (my third time as solo pharmacist on a Saturday – don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll stop counting eventually) not just one but all three pharmacist managers visited the pharmacy (operations, dispensary and oncology). Let’s just say that I’m hoping that this coming week is not as hectic… especially considering that I have to work six days (Mon-Sat).