just some random questions

Pointless facts
I once watched a documentary about mammals and one of the things I learnt from that was that a blue whale’s heart only beats five or six times per minute. Interesting, yes, but I would just like to ask, who on Earth would have any use whatsoever for a random fact like that? How does knowing the heartbeat of a whale help or benefit anyone?

Littering in context
If, for example, you notice a hair or a bit of dust or something on your shirt, and you pluck it off and toss it to the wind, does that count as littering? It probably would’ve ended up there eventually anyway. What if you’re eating some grapes, and when you finish, you throw the stems into a garden or some grass? Wouldn’t that be pretty much the same as some twigs falling off a tree?

Retirement villages
Why did people decide to segregate those who have left the workforce and put them in communities (usually by the ocean or around a lake or something) away from working folk? Was it retirees or workers who invented these retirement villages? Are non-retired people allowed to live in these places?

Cats vs dogs
This is sort of more from observation, but it seems that if someone says that they have a dog, the first question they’ll be asked is what breed it is. On the other hand, if someone says that they have a cat, people won’t necessarily ask about what breed it is at all. Has anyone else noticed that?


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