doomsday anticlimax

Surprise, surprise – the world didn’t end yesterday like it was supposedly supposed to. I heard on the News that a lot of people were actually fully prepared for it, too (e.g. some people congregated at some place of some sort of significance to wait for aliens to take them away… I wonder at what point they realised nothing was going to happen and started leaving). Must be disappointing for them.

Prior to Friday I also heard that people were putting bets on how the world would end – ice age, zombies, etc. Yeah, it seems like people will bet on anything these days, but that has to be one of the most pointless things to bet on. I mean, if the world ends, even if you were right, you won’t be able to spend your winnings anyway. And then if the world doesn’t end (which it didn’t!) then you’ve just lost your money.

In other, unrelated news, that psychotic crow is still swooping at people from the tree outside my house. On the plus side, at least I know it doesn’t just have it in for me because it’s attacking other people as well.