in charge

Had my first shift/day as a solo pharmacist today. I think everything went ok… Good thing it’s not quite as busy on Sundays.

I got to work about half an hour early this morning to make sure I could get everything off to a good start. But, thanks to Murphy’s Law, there were some technical difficulties (some problem with the POS program and not being able to connect to some database or something), which took an hour to resolve…

And that first hour was probably the busiest, too. Got a phone call from some guy asking about how to adjust the height of the crutches he hired ….. (and there were three people waiting for scripts at the time)

But things quietened down after that. Relatively uneventful.

I made the mistake of letting a customer in at about a minute before closing. I actually had to let her into the building, too because the external doors had already locked. But she was limping and I guess she really needed crutches, so it’s probably a good thing she made it just in time. It only took ten minutes anyway.

Don’t think that I forgot to do anything… But I guess I’ll find out tomorrow…