o joyous day

Today is a very happy day for me because the oral exam results were delivered! (Yes, they were actually posted out by mail. It still baffles me why they couldn’t put the results online or email us, since that’s what they did for the written exam results – speaking of which, it also still baffles me why it took them two weeks to mark the written exam when it was an online, multiple-choice exam. And then it took three weeks for them to give us our oral exam marks when the examiners would practically know then and there if we passed or not. But I shouldn’t complain – not that I am complaining… just making statements about stuff that baffles me.)

Anyway, bafflement aside, you can probably tell from my joy that I did indeed pass my exam. I think I had to read the letter, like, five times to make sure it was saying what I thought (and hoped) it was saying. Seriously, I have not been this stressed out about possibly not passing an exam since first year uni when I didn’t study properly for the PHRM1010 exam and had to guess a lot of the questions.

I was waiting around all morning for the postie to come (waiting in the house, of course – I didn’t want to lurk around the letterbox like some crazy person). From experience from the last two days (because I’ve been at home), I know the postie delivers mail to the houses across the street before circling around and back to my street, so when I saw him across the road today, my heart actually started racing like it was frickin’ life or death (ok, yeah, being a bit melodramatic here).

But I didn’t run down to the letterbox (I’m not crazy). I waited until the sound of the postie’s bike continued down the street, and then I walked to the letterbox to claim my mail.

So now I can actually enjoy Melbourne (yeah, I’m going for another quick visit) with the knowledge that I don’t have to resit the oral exam. And since I probably won’t post as much while I’m on holiday, I would like to recommend that everyone watch ‘YooHoo and Friends’ in the absence of blog posts. It is such an awesomely funny cartoon, but I hardly ever manage to catch it on TV, so I’ve resorted to watching it online.


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