a shot in the dark

Sigh… The first day of my annual leave and I’m already so restless… And it’s technically not even part of my two weeks’ annual leave because it’s Sunday and I never work on Sundays anyway.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be more … productive (?). But holidays aren’t meant to be productive… “Eventful”, then.

Anyway, really just wanted to mention this song: ‘She Wolf’ – David Guetta ft Sia. I just really, really like this song at the moment. Just everything about the song is awesome. I reckon I could listen to this a hundred times and not be sick of it (I’m probably already well on my way to hearing it 100 times).

Also started watching ‘Breaking Bad’ on recommendation by my sister on recommendation by her friends or someone. The concept kind of reminds me of .. ‘Weeds’ (is that what it’s called?) – a show about seemingly normal people who actually deal with illicit drugs. First episode was a bit.. hmm.. but I’ve watched a couple more episodes, and I have to admit that it’s actually pretty good. But it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here, seeing as the guy is supposed to have terminal cancer…


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