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Great food is not just about the flavours, textures, contrasts, subtleties, presentation… It’s about who you share it with.

Had dinner recently at ‘Tank‘ in the CBD and was really quite impressed, particularly with the service. I’ve eaten at a few pricey places, a few classy restaurants, but I think ‘Tank’ definitely wins out service-wise.

The staff were nice and friendly, and very efficient. They were quick to respond, prompt with water/drink refills and politely checked up on how the meal was going without seeming to hover too much. They also seemed fairly knowledgeable and kindly offered to explain our dishes to us after they were served (although I suppose not all places serve dishes that require any explanation).

It just felt like we were very well looked after. At the end of the meal, they even asked if we wanted them to call a cab for us. It is the first place that I’ve been to where I’ve been asked that, so it was pretty unexpected. If you think about it, they’d gain absolutely nothing (money-wise) from calling a taxi for customers (unless they have some deal going on with the taxi company).

The actual place itself is pretty cool, too. I quite liked the outside drinking area along the laneway, lined with stone. And inside they had this massive bouqet of what my ex-florist friend said were oriental lilies, which filled the space with just the right amount of fragrance. And, yes, if you must know, the actual food was pretty good, too. My favourite was probably the roasted scallops.

Another fun dining experience I’ve had recently was at ‘My Thai‘ in Auchenflower, to which I would like to give a very honourable mention. Suffice to say that even though it was a Wednesday night, the place was just about packed with people (and who knows how many take-aways they must’ve done too).

I’d happily revisit any of these places – provided that I’m accompanied by the right people.

just a quick post

This last week has been insane. I’m almost too tired to elaborate. Actually, yeah, I can’t really be bothered. Have been quite hayfever-ish today, so sort of just want to sit here and not do anything or think about anything. But I suppose that wouldn’t make for a very good post…

Well, suffice to say that work is pretty hectic when understaffed, and incredibly hectic when understaffed and the people usually in charge are away.

So sleepy… I think I’ll just go to bed. Sorry this post isn’t very long. Haven’t really been sleeping well. Keep waking up before my alarm goes off.

here and there

It’s good to be back home. Had a good flight, etc. Was my first time flying solo. Nothing interesting to follow from that (was a very normal and boring flight) but just a statement of realisation. Despite the turbulence around and over Brisbane, the actual landing was probably one of the smoothest I’ve had. Good work Virgin Blue (or Virgin Australia or whatever you’re calling yourselves now).

Not too much to report about my trip. Was mostly visiting family and eating a lot.

I did, however, get a chance to do quite a bit of driving in Melbourne because one of my uncles let me borrow his old car. Have possibly done more driving in this last week than I have in the preceding six months (? – trying to make a conservative estimate, since I’m not really sure how much driving I’ve actually done).

Not many differences between driving in Brisbane and Melbourne. I never drove into the City, so I didn’t get a chance to do a “hook turn” (pffft). Probably the main difference is sharing the road with trams and trying to not drive directly over the tram tracks.

Out of curiosity, I also visited a few pharmacies while in Melbourne – you know, just to see if there are any differences. I’d already been told that they don’t dispense/label S3 drugs, but I was kind of surprised to see practically all S2 drugs out in front shop where people can just randomly self-select. Then I thought that maybe they’d counsel when you go to pay, but I bought an S2 for my aunty and didn’t get asked/told anything. Also realised that the staff who operate the tills are probably mostly assistants, who don’t necessarily have formal pharmacy assistant training.

I’m probably biased, but I think the pharmacy system in Brisbane is better – although one of the Melbourne pharmacies I visited still had the S2s behind the counter. Some of the services on offer are also a bit different. I saw one place that offers ear-piercing, and another with a Tatts Lotto (selling lottery tickets, etc) actually inside the pharmacy. Also noticed one with a proper cafe in the pharmacy, but that’s not that weird, since I know one in Brisbane that sells coffee.

Could probably write a lot about and related to this, but would probably make this post too long and also bore a lot of people, so will leave it for now.

o joyous day

Today is a very happy day for me because the oral exam results were delivered! (Yes, they were actually posted out by mail. It still baffles me why they couldn’t put the results online or email us, since that’s what they did for the written exam results – speaking of which, it also still baffles me why it took them two weeks to mark the written exam when it was an online, multiple-choice exam. And then it took three weeks for them to give us our oral exam marks when the examiners would practically know then and there if we passed or not. But I shouldn’t complain – not that I am complaining… just making statements about stuff that baffles me.)

Anyway, bafflement aside, you can probably tell from my joy that I did indeed pass my exam. I think I had to read the letter, like, five times to make sure it was saying what I thought (and hoped) it was saying. Seriously, I have not been this stressed out about possibly not passing an exam since first year uni when I didn’t study properly for the PHRM1010 exam and had to guess a lot of the questions.

I was waiting around all morning for the postie to come (waiting in the house, of course – I didn’t want to lurk around the letterbox like some crazy person). From experience from the last two days (because I’ve been at home), I know the postie delivers mail to the houses across the street before circling around and back to my street, so when I saw him across the road today, my heart actually started racing like it was frickin’ life or death (ok, yeah, being a bit melodramatic here).

But I didn’t run down to the letterbox (I’m not crazy). I waited until the sound of the postie’s bike continued down the street, and then I walked to the letterbox to claim my mail.

So now I can actually enjoy Melbourne (yeah, I’m going for another quick visit) with the knowledge that I don’t have to resit the oral exam. And since I probably won’t post as much while I’m on holiday, I would like to recommend that everyone watch ‘YooHoo and Friends’ in the absence of blog posts. It is such an awesomely funny cartoon, but I hardly ever manage to catch it on TV, so I’ve resorted to watching it online.

a shot in the dark

Sigh… The first day of my annual leave and I’m already so restless… And it’s technically not even part of my two weeks’ annual leave because it’s Sunday and I never work on Sundays anyway.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be more … productive (?). But holidays aren’t meant to be productive… “Eventful”, then.

Anyway, really just wanted to mention this song: ‘She Wolf’ – David Guetta ft Sia. I just really, really like this song at the moment. Just everything about the song is awesome. I reckon I could listen to this a hundred times and not be sick of it (I’m probably already well on my way to hearing it 100 times).

Also started watching ‘Breaking Bad’ on recommendation by my sister on recommendation by her friends or someone. The concept kind of reminds me of .. ‘Weeds’ (is that what it’s called?) – a show about seemingly normal people who actually deal with illicit drugs. First episode was a bit.. hmm.. but I’ve watched a couple more episodes, and I have to admit that it’s actually pretty good. But it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here, seeing as the guy is supposed to have terminal cancer…