thoughts on time travel

Watched ‘Looper’ today (finally).

Still don’t think time travel will be possible, though. Really don’t think telekinesis is possible either. Would be cool, yeah, but not physically possible.

However, I did agree with the one-way nature of time travel in the sense that if you go to the past, you can’t get back to the “present”, since the machine didn’t go with you. I know there are shows/movies where the machine does go with you, but they don’t seem as plausible to me somehow…

Also agree with making it illegal, since things could get really stuffed up if it was available for anyone to use.

Still maintain that the most plausible time travel story is ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, although not completely convinced about how a gene abnormality could cause someone to spontaneously time travel. But it makes sense in terms of the lack of control, not being able to alter the course of events (so there’s only one path/course) and not taking anything with you when you time travel (no clothes, possessions, etc).

But, in regard to that last point, what if, for example, you had a kidney transplant or knee replacement or even a filling – would that “foreign object” time travel with you? Can’t remember if this was addressed in the book/movie but just thought of it now while writing about it.

But, yeah, ‘Looper’ was a good movie. That kid was pretty scary, though.


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