this last week

Haven’t done my post for this week yet, so I figured this was the perfect time to write it since I’m too tired to study but not quite sleepy enough to go to bed (although I’m actually sitting on my bed writing this, so have technically already gone to bed).

Not really anything in particular that I want to post about, so will just recap this last week…

Of course I’m going to start with work… I worked 53.5 hours this last week, although it’s more like 54 hours but I didn’t record the extra half hour from Wednesday because I couldn’t be bothered and also didn’t think it was worth it. Not so much physically tired, but more mentally tired and kind of generally deflated. But not deflated/drained from work itself, but more from other happenings.

I suppose the second major thing in my life at the moment is studying for my intern exam. It’s totally stressing me out, but sometimes I’m just too tired to study, or don’t feel like I have enough motivation. It was pretty good the other night, though, when I seemed to have all this adrenaline from nowhere and I felt like I could have stayed up studying until 1-2am. But, of course, I had work the next day at 8am, so I ended up doing the sensible thing and going to bed before 12.

Went to watch Riverfire tonight and catch up with friends. It was pretty good (as always), although I sort of think that previous years might have been better – not really sure / can’t remember. I like how they sort of synchronise the fireworks and music though. I like the fireworks that sort of shimmer rather than explode, but I do really like the really massive ones that they fire up really high and when it explodes it looks like it’s going to shower down on you.

Ok, I’m going to go and study to try to make myself sleepy enough to actually sleep. Will write again next week.


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