figs and other food revolutions

I’ve recently developed a liking for dried figs. I remember the first time (or I think it was the first time) that I had figs (not dried), I didn’t really like it because it tasted a bit weird. Since then (not actually that long ago – maybe a year), I haven’t eaten figs out of fear that they would still taste weird.

But my dad bought some dried figs a couple of weeks back, and I think they taste great. Don’t know what was wrong with the figs I was eating last year. Maybe I just like them better when dried (?)

I like eating them on their own, but I reckon the best thing is having dried figs on toast with walnuts and cream cheese and just a drizzle of honey. It is delicious. Seriously.

And there’s another thing that I used to not like so much: walnuts. It’s not that I disliked them or wouldn’t eat them, but they used to always taste a bit off to me. But now I really quite like the flavour of walnuts, especially in the aforementioned combination with figs or in muffins. I probably just needed to combine them with the right sorts of foods.

Thinking of other foods that, in the past, I didn’t like very much but have since come around and developed a superb liking of, I have to mention ginger. When I was a kid, I didn’t like ginger. I didn’t like it in meat or in soup or in any shape, way or form. (Probably because I was a kid and ginger was too strong for my liking.) But now I quite like ginger (in moderation), especially with fish or chicken.

So, I guess the moral of this blog post is that, although it takes some bravery to try strange and unusual foods like bugs and offal and whatnot, it also requires a certain amount of bravery to give foods you don’t like a second (and maybe third and fourth) chance.

Bravery? Stupidity? It’s a very fine line.


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