hooray for long weekends

I finally – finally submitted my public health education report after weeks and weeks of trying to write, edit and proofread it. So now I can move on to the next bit of assessment that’s due soon… hooray…..

But before I do, I’m just going to bask in the glorious feeling of accomplishment from this long weekend that I just had (Saturday through to Monday). Yeah, I had the day off today.

I didn’t actually do any work on Saturday. Went to the Ekka and caught up with friends at a very nice dinner at James St Bistro. But I balanced out all that play with sufficient work on Sunday. I had a read of the latest issue of Australian Pharmacist, which actually has some interesting reads, and eventually got to work on that dreaded report. Was actually going to submit it last night but I thought I shouldn’t submit it until I’ve read the whole thing whilst fully-awake and attentive.

Today I told myself that I wasn’t going to sleep until it was submitted and done. But since I’ve already read through it several times before, I’m not sure that I was as attentive as I was hoping to be since I’ve sort of gone past the point of caring. At least I was fully awake while doing the final proofread.

Also feel accomplished because I went for a 30+ minute jog today and yesterday and still do not feel tired or sore. (But still not convinced that I’m anywhere near as fit as I used to be.) Other small wins include cooking dinner for family on Sunday night and finally buying myself a new wallet today.

Back to work tomorrow, but funny thing about that is that the Ekka public holiday is on Wednesday, so I’m going to work for a day, have another day off, and then work another three days. Gotta love the show holiday, though. It’d be right up there in my list of favourite public holidays if I ever made such a list. It’s great because there aren’t many other public holidays around this time of the year, it’s always smack-bang in the middle of the working week, and the whole purpose of its existence is so that we can have a day out (preferably at the Ekka, but this isn’t mandatory).

So here’s to long weekends and the Ekka public holiday!

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