early bird

Feels like this last week has gone so fast. Have been starting work at 7:30am on some days these last two weeks. I actually kind of like starting work at 7:30. The pharmacy feels more peaceful that early in the morning. Chaos starts at 8am.

To get to work by 7:30am, I get up around 5:30am (to give myself enough time to eat a good breakfast). You’d think it’s hard getting up at 5:30am on a winter morning, but I reckon I’ve been doing ok. Sure, sometimes I lie there for another five minutes, trying to coax myself out of bed, but usually it’s alright. You just have to remember that, although it is winter, it’s also QLD and pepole still walk around in shirt, shorts and thongs here.

Today I started work at 9am for a change, and it was so weird… Starting work at 9am feels late now.

Having said that, though, I’m not sure if I could handle having to start work any earlier than 7:30am. I know there are people who start work a lot ealier in the morning, but for me, at this point in my life, I think 7:30 is heaps early enough.

Just a quick two cents’ worth on the MasterChef final before I go to bed: I did want Audra to win, but sort of knew Andy would win after Audra got eliminated after the first round. Such a shame… I reckon Julia could have won if the third round was an invention test or something instead of a pressure test. Things could have been different if they did it the other way. Oh well… c’est la vie… life goes on… etc etc. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

not in this notebook

I really need to finish my health promotion report… and do my tax return… and submit some more reflections… and read the pre-workshop material… and study for the oral exam…

But because it’s Friday night, I decided not to do any of those things and watched a movie instead.

I was talking to work friends a couple of weeks back about movies, and I mentioned that I have never watched a movie that has made me cry. Maybe I’ve come close a few times, but nothing that really qualifies (or that I can recall easily). One suggestion for a tear jerker was ‘The Notebook’ –  something that has been recommended by others for this purpose as well.

So, anyway, I watched it tonight (instead of doing the multitude of other things that I should be doing because I believe that you should be allowed to slack off on Friday nights without feeling guilty – not that any other day of the week is necessarily associated with any more guilt) and guess what? No tears.

Yeah, it’s a beautiful story and it’s really sweet and all… but maybe I just wasn’t in an emotional enough state to produce the tears that the movie is renowned for.

Watching it, I sort of got the feeling that I’d seen it before – at least the first half-ish – but I can’t remember where or when I watched it. I think I might be confusing it with other movies.

One of the scenes I don’t get in ‘The Notebook’ is when she goes back to him and she’s standing next to her car, holding her suitcases and looking up at him standing on the verandah… And then in the next shot, he’s downstairs and bursting through the front door, but she’s still next to her car and has only just dropped her bags to run to him.

But other than that, I quite liked it. I liked that there were some humourous parts and there were some medical elements, too. I might have to read the book some time.

Meanwhile, it looks like the search continues for a cry-worthy movie…


This last week just feels like it’s been going on forever. Last weekend seems like it was so long ago. But somehow each individual day this week seems to have just flown by. There are never enough hours in a day.

I guess it’s been pretty busy at work (it usually is), and I’m supposing that’s why I’ve had this song playing over and over again in my head for most of this last week: Opportunity – Pete Murray. It’s such a calming/soothing sort of song, and actually very catchy (I think so, anyway).

never miss opportunity

sunshine days

I recently had a dream in which I was so tired that I went to bed well before 10pm. Seriously, that was the whole dream (that I can remember, anyway). Well, I think it’s safe to say that that’s not going to happen any time soon. There are nights when I am pretty tired by 10pm, but I really do not remember the last time I went to bed that early.

I have noticed that getting out of bed in the morning when the sun’s not up (or is barely over the horizon and hence doesn’t count) does not get any easier with practice. Don’t really think that going to bed earlier would really help with that, so not bothered to try.

A bit of sunlight can make all the difference, though. Even the prospect of sunshine in the coming days can make me so happy (even if I’m going to be holed up indoors all day).

Keeping this post short, but I can’t finish without mentioning the QLD Maroons and their win in the epic, edge-of-your-seat State of Origin decider last night. It felt like it’s been a long time since there was so much excitement and urgency in an Origin match. It’s great to win by a huge margin, but the one- or two-point victories are definitely sweeter.