resolution recap

It’s been about a year since I made my “new financial year resolutions” (which actually don’t have much to do with finances at all), so I thought I’d do a recap and see how I went. I guess a lot has happened in this past year. Kind of feels like time has just flown by, and yet ‘this time last year’ feels like it was forever ago.

The first resolution was to study more, which is kind of vague and hard to judge objectively. But because I don’t want to be too harsh on myself, I’m going to say that I’ve completed this to a satisfactory level. I mean, I have done a lot of study this last year – a lot of study for the final Pharm exams and for my intern exam – so it’s probably an accurate assessment to some extent. I’ve also read a lot of pharmacy-related journal articles and attended non-compulsory lectures.

My second resolution was to look after myself, particularly in regards to food and snacking and eating to excess. I think I have reasonable self-control with food, but there have definitely been times when this resolution was totally ignored in favour of the third resolution, which, to be honest, was probably made more as a fall-back in case these first two resolutions failed rather than made in order to sabotage my chances of fulfilling the first two resolutions, as suggested in the original post. Examples that come to mind here include pretty much every meal/”snack” during last winter’s Melbourne trip and the vast majority of home meals.

As already alluded to, the third and final resolution was to enjoy life more. Having started full-time work at the end of last year, there are times when I feel like I’m not fulfilling this in the traditional sense. By this I mean that although work takes up most of my life now, and I do enjoy work (most of the time), “enjoying life” is usually taken to refer to life outside of work. This might be a biased evaluation, considering that I went out just yesterday (San Churro in Brisbane!), but I’d say this resolution was pretty successful. Always room for improvement though, right?