through the eyes of a child

There’s a lovely little courtyard near where I work. There are wooden benches along the perimeter, tables and chairs down the middle. Shielded from the worst of the winds by the surrounding buildings, but with enough sunlight during the day to sustain the trees and shrubbery that grow there in neat little gardens.

I was having lunch out in the courtyard one day when a man walked past with his daughter, who was probably around four years old. They were just strolling casually past, perhaps on their way to the cafeteria to get lunch or to the wards to visit a relative.

As they walked past me, the girl noticed a leaf on the ground. It was reasonably big and still a brilliant green colour. She seemed fascinated and excited by this discovery. She picked it up to show her dad this leaf that she had never seen before (and, as far as she was concerned, he had never seen before either). You’d think she had just found a small treasure.

That brief, unexpected moment made me smile. It makes me feel like happiness can be such a simple thing.