I reckon that there’s something inherently great about Sunday lunch. It would have to be one of my most favourite meal times of the week. I’m usually at home for Sunday lunch, and it doesn’t matter if we’re only having pizza or meat pie, or if we’re having something a bit more special like roast pork or chicken – there’s just something indescribably great about Sunday lunch.

Maybe it’s a childhood thing – something I’ve grown up with, where Sunday lunch was when the family always ate together. Maybe it’s the casual Sunday vibe that makes it feel like you have all the time in the world to eat/graze. Maybe it’s because it’s probably the meal of the week that gets the most variety (because there’s more time to think about what to eat and to prepare it).

Well, whatever it is, I just wanted to dedicate this post to Sunday lunch – not to any particular dish, but to that particular time of the week. Just showing my appreciation because it’s probably something that I’ve taken for granted. I know I harp on about breakfast a lot, but I reckon it’s probably worth it to have a small Sunday breakfast if it means more lunch later on.

And for anyone who’s even remotely interested in what meal inspired this post today, here’s what I had for this week’s Sunday lunch: lamb cutlets with onion rings, potato chips and salad; and then a bowl of curry and a bread roll; and this mini prawn thing that’s kind of hard to describe properly (you can use your imagination on that one). And the good news is that my inability to get full has been well and truly cured!

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