just a thought…

I was just thinking about food (as per usual) and trying to think of an easy way to consume the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables when a random thought occurred to me: What if there was a sandwich spread that was made from vegetables and could hence count toward the daily vegetable requirement? A simple thing like that could make life so much easier.

Yeah, sure, it probably wouldn’t taste that good, and you’d probably lose quite a bit of nutritional value from all the processing in the production of the spread but, hey, it was just a thought…

Another random thought on an unrelated topic occurred to me a while back, but I’ve been a bit hesitant about publicly publishing it because it might be a little bit controversial…

I think I had this thought on the way to work one morning (the morning commute is a very good time for pondering). On this particular morning, I was thinking about the use of petrol and the imminent depletion of all oil reserves. Then I thought, “What if we just ban (or phase out) all motor sports which involve vehicles that consume petrol?”

To be honest, I don’t follow any motor sports, so I don’t know what eco-friendly initiatives they already have in relation to reducing carbon footprint and resource conservation, etc, etc (yeah, sure, I could have just Googled it and found out for myself, but I’m taking a break from study this week, so that includes studying random things unrelated to my profession). So maybe they’re already doing a lot to minimise their impact on the environment, or maybe they could be doing more – I’m not going to judge that. It was just a thought.

Besides, if I wanted to argue that the world could do without motor sports, then other people could argue that we could do without other petrol-guzzling and/or electricity-consuming leisure activities. And then wouldn’t the world become such a dull place?


One thought on “just a thought…

  1. Salad is easy as a sandwich filling (sure there’s washing but hey you need to put effort into everything you do anyway!)… Even salad itself (eg. chuck some canned chickpeas, tomato, spinach together with a dressing); veg soup can also count towards your veg intake, as can vegie sticks, veg dip (eg. eggplant, chickpea) with bread, vegie burger patties. Adding veg to meals already being cooked (eg. casseroles, stir-fries, legumes to spag bol),

    I know these are all things you have to prepare so it’s not convenient like a sandwich spread, but if vegetable were made into a spread, then it would make the bread soggy anyway (and you probably don’t want dehydrated vegetables… you want the vegetable’s fluid content since that is one of the things that makes vegetables so good for increasing satiety and maintaining a healthy wt…). So sometimes you just need to put a bit more thought and planning to help you get enough vegetables, because it’s good for your health (just like how everyone plans to go to the gym/exercise throughout the week…which in my opinion requires a lot more effort than cooking vegetables since you have to cook anyway!). 5 serves per day sounds like a lot, but in reality it’s only 2.5 cups cooked vegies (which I know I can scoff down in one meal!).

    Some ideas for what you can serve with bread:

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