resolution recap

It’s been about a year since I made my “new financial year resolutions” (which actually don’t have much to do with finances at all), so I thought I’d do a recap and see how I went. I guess a lot has happened in this past year. Kind of feels like time has just flown by, and yet ‘this time last year’ feels like it was forever ago.

The first resolution was to study more, which is kind of vague and hard to judge objectively. But because I don’t want to be too harsh on myself, I’m going to say that I’ve completed this to a satisfactory level. I mean, I have done a lot of study this last year – a lot of study for the final Pharm exams and for my intern exam – so it’s probably an accurate assessment to some extent. I’ve also read a lot of pharmacy-related journal articles and attended non-compulsory lectures.

My second resolution was to look after myself, particularly in regards to food and snacking and eating to excess. I think I have reasonable self-control with food, but there have definitely been times when this resolution was totally ignored in favour of the third resolution, which, to be honest, was probably made more as a fall-back in case these first two resolutions failed rather than made in order to sabotage my chances of fulfilling the first two resolutions, as suggested in the original post. Examples that come to mind here include pretty much every meal/”snack” during last winter’s Melbourne trip and the vast majority of home meals.

As already alluded to, the third and final resolution was to enjoy life more. Having started full-time work at the end of last year, there are times when I feel like I’m not fulfilling this in the traditional sense. By this I mean that although work takes up most of my life now, and I do enjoy work (most of the time), “enjoying life” is usually taken to refer to life outside of work. This might be a biased evaluation, considering that I went out just yesterday (San Churro in Brisbane!), but I’d say this resolution was pretty successful. Always room for improvement though, right?

through the eyes of a child

There’s a lovely little courtyard near where I work. There are wooden benches along the perimeter, tables and chairs down the middle. Shielded from the worst of the winds by the surrounding buildings, but with enough sunlight during the day to sustain the trees and shrubbery that grow there in neat little gardens.

I was having lunch out in the courtyard one day when a man walked past with his daughter, who was probably around four years old. They were just strolling casually past, perhaps on their way to the cafeteria to get lunch or to the wards to visit a relative.

As they walked past me, the girl noticed a leaf on the ground. It was reasonably big and still a brilliant green colour. She seemed fascinated and excited by this discovery. She picked it up to show her dad this leaf that she had never seen before (and, as far as she was concerned, he had never seen before either). You’d think she had just found a small treasure.

That brief, unexpected moment made me smile. It makes me feel like happiness can be such a simple thing.

one long week

I have a feeling that this is going to be one very long week.

Have to work nine hours a day, Monday to Friday – that’s nine hours excluding lunch break (9am-7pm with 1 hour lunch) – and then on Saturday I have to do a full-day first aid and CPR training course.


So tired… and it’s only Monday! Actually, I’ve been tired since Saturday when I went on the longest run/jog/walk I’ve been on in a very long time. Am usually too tired or too busy for any sort of cardio on my days off work, but the weather was so good on the weekend that I could not not go for a run.

Anyway, need to sleep now. Must rest, recover and re-energise.

replay, repeat

Just thought I’d do a quick post for all the songs that I’ve been getting stuck in my head a lot lately…

Ass back home – Gym Class Heroes ft Neon Hitch
I find the chorus of this song so catchy. I don’t know the words to the rest of the song, so I’ve spent quite a few days with just the chorus to this song playing over and over again in my head. It’s quite a sweet song, though, ey?

Already gone – Kelly Clarkson
I think I discovered this song one night when I was on YouTube, watching one “related video” after another. Quite like this song. Glad I stumbled upon it.

Titanium – David Guetta ft Sia
You know how sometimes on the bus/train, people have their earphones turned up too loud so that you can hear their music from several rows away? There was one day when, on my way to and from work, I heard at least three different people listening to this song on the bus/train. It felt like everyone was just listening only to that one song.

Call me maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
Anyone who has never heard this song must be living in a hole under a rock. Anyone who has never had this song stuck in their head must have extremely good mental control in terms of blocking out super catchy songs.

We are young – Fun. ft Janelle Monae
I overheard someone listening to this song on the bus this morning and that was enough to get it stuck in my head for the whole day. I actually heard this song on ‘Glee’ before I heard the original, so it tends to be the voices of the ‘Glee’ cast that I hear when I have this song in my head.

There are probably heaps more, but these are just the ones I could think of now (and excluding the ones that I don’t want to mention!)

There’s nothing like a beautifully clear blue sky to make you feel wonderful and insignificant at the same time.


I reckon that there’s something inherently great about Sunday lunch. It would have to be one of my most favourite meal times of the week. I’m usually at home for Sunday lunch, and it doesn’t matter if we’re only having pizza or meat pie, or if we’re having something a bit more special like roast pork or chicken – there’s just something indescribably great about Sunday lunch.

Maybe it’s a childhood thing – something I’ve grown up with, where Sunday lunch was when the family always ate together. Maybe it’s the casual Sunday vibe that makes it feel like you have all the time in the world to eat/graze. Maybe it’s because it’s probably the meal of the week that gets the most variety (because there’s more time to think about what to eat and to prepare it).

Well, whatever it is, I just wanted to dedicate this post to Sunday lunch – not to any particular dish, but to that particular time of the week. Just showing my appreciation because it’s probably something that I’ve taken for granted. I know I harp on about breakfast a lot, but I reckon it’s probably worth it to have a small Sunday breakfast if it means more lunch later on.

And for anyone who’s even remotely interested in what meal inspired this post today, here’s what I had for this week’s Sunday lunch: lamb cutlets with onion rings, potato chips and salad; and then a bowl of curry and a bread roll; and this mini prawn thing that’s kind of hard to describe properly (you can use your imagination on that one). And the good news is that my inability to get full has been well and truly cured!

just a thought…

I was just thinking about food (as per usual) and trying to think of an easy way to consume the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables when a random thought occurred to me: What if there was a sandwich spread that was made from vegetables and could hence count toward the daily vegetable requirement? A simple thing like that could make life so much easier.

Yeah, sure, it probably wouldn’t taste that good, and you’d probably lose quite a bit of nutritional value from all the processing in the production of the spread but, hey, it was just a thought…

Another random thought on an unrelated topic occurred to me a while back, but I’ve been a bit hesitant about publicly publishing it because it might be a little bit controversial…

I think I had this thought on the way to work one morning (the morning commute is a very good time for pondering). On this particular morning, I was thinking about the use of petrol and the imminent depletion of all oil reserves. Then I thought, “What if we just ban (or phase out) all motor sports which involve vehicles that consume petrol?”

To be honest, I don’t follow any motor sports, so I don’t know what eco-friendly initiatives they already have in relation to reducing carbon footprint and resource conservation, etc, etc (yeah, sure, I could have just Googled it and found out for myself, but I’m taking a break from study this week, so that includes studying random things unrelated to my profession). So maybe they’re already doing a lot to minimise their impact on the environment, or maybe they could be doing more – I’m not going to judge that. It was just a thought.

Besides, if I wanted to argue that the world could do without motor sports, then other people could argue that we could do without other petrol-guzzling and/or electricity-consuming leisure activities. And then wouldn’t the world become such a dull place?