the problem with (trying to) study

I have noticed in these last several weeks of my attempts at studying for my upcoming written intern exam that I have been encountering a rather annoying problem with (trying to) study.

If I have a day off from work, in my mind I’m thinking that it’s a great opportunity to do some serious studying. But when the day comes and/or as the day progresses, I become weary of study and either get restless or get very sleepy.

But then just before dinner, or just before I have to go somewhere or do something, or in the lead up to bedtime – then I’m wide awake and full of concentration and ready to absorb absolutely every last detail of whatever I’m trying to cram into my poor skull. Why does this happen? Is this Murphy’s Law coming into play?

Sleep, why do you elude me when you are needed, but come when you’re not wanted? (Sounds like a bad mix between narcolepsy and insomnia…)

Time for bed. I’ll try to put myself to sleep by reading something boring and/or requiring too much concentration and brain power. It’s a win-win situation, though, right? I either become sleepy and go to bed like I planned, or I remain alert and actually learn something.