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If I only watch three rugby league matches this year, they’d have to be the three State of Origin matches (and maybe I’ll watch the grand final too if I like at least one of the teams in it).

To be honest to fellow footy fans, I have not watched a full NRL match so far this season. But it was so good to just be able to relax and watch Origin tonight. Ok, being honest again, I missed the first 20 or so minutes because I was watching MasterChef but, come on, nothing really happened in that first 20 minutes, right?

I’m a QLD supporter, so I’m happy with the win tonight. Part of me kind of wanted NSW to win just to keep things exciting (winning all the time can get a bit tedious) but there are still two more games left…

I have to say, though, that I’m a bit iffy on that last try by Greg Inglis. I don’t know the rules of NRL back to front, but it seemed pretty controversial to award the try. Yeah, I know it was because that NSW guy wasn’t allowed to stick his foot in to stop the ball (because that’d be potentially dangerous?) but I understand if people think that shouldn’t have been a try.

The other thing I was questioning was why they had to put the roof up over the stadium. What’s wrong with just letting them play in the rain? Sometimes rain makes the game more interesting.

But, I guess, other than that, it was a good match overall. For a moment, I actually thought that NSW had a chance. It was weird when they chose to kick for goal (off a penalty) instead of going for another set of six, though. Even I knew that was a bad choice (for them).

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